Limited Edition Burrata & Focaccia Summer Box

Introducing our tantalizing Burrata & Focaccia Summer Box, a match made in culinary heaven! Immerse yourself in the epitome of summer indulgence with the velvety smoothness of our premium burrata cheese, delicately encased in a creamy shell. Complementing this cheese sensation is our handcrafted focaccia box with edible floral. This summer box is a symphony of flavors, combining the rich, milky notes of burrata with the fragrant, herb-infused goodness of focaccia. Whether you’re lounging in your backyard or planning a picnic in the park, this duo is a showstopper that will transport you to the sun-kissed Mediterranean shores.

So, savour the flavours of summer and elevate your culinary adventures with our Burrata & Focaccia Summer Box – a delectable treat that brings the essence of the season right to your plate!

Each Limited Edition Burrata & Focaccia Summer Box includes:

2 x 250 grams of Burrata
Selection of tomatoes
Garnished with fresh mint, basil and arugula
Fresh focaccia bread garnished with edible flowers and rosemary

*Due to the sensitivity of some of the contents of this box, this box is available for pick-up only. If you are unable to pick-up from our Burnaby location, we suggest arranging for either an Uber or a taxi to collect it for you.

Some of the produce in the box maybe differ based on quality and availability.

Our products are not prepared in an allergen-free environment. Anyone with a food allergy should refrain from consuming our products.



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