Private Events & Corporate Offerings

The Graze Company's
Exclusive Event Offerings

Graze Boards

The perfect accompaniment to entertaining at home, or for corporate gatherings, weddings, brand launches, and any occasion where great food is in order!

Perfect for gatherings of up to 25 people!

Graze Tables

Our lavish and specially curated Graze Tables are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Graze Tables start at a minimum of 50 guests.

We Bring People Together Over A Shared Love Of Great Food

When you want that “wow-factor” at your event, The Graze Company presents luxe, delectable Grazing Gastronomia for you and your guests that is as satisfying for the eyes as it is for the palette.

Mini Graze Box

Meet our Mini Graze Box! This little cutie is perfect for one, and comes in The Original, Vegetarian, Vegan, Brunch and Dessert options.

Graze Cups

Filled to the brim with our favourites from our original box, this portable treat is perfect as a handheld appetizer at your next event!

Mini Sandwich Box

Each Sandwich Graze Box comes with a gourmet sandwich, a mini bag of kettle chips, and a pepperoncini.

“We believe food is more than sustenance; it is a common bond that brings people together and provides a backdrop for some of the most connected times in our lives.”

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