Come Together, Break Bread, Feast

We believe food is more than sustenance; it is a common bond that brings people together and provides a backdrop for some of the most connected times in our lives.

What started off as just a hobby and creative outlet, quickly turned into an unexpected craze! Friends turned business partners, we are the founders, creators and driving force behind The Graze Company. Combining our creativity, attention to detail, and love of social events, The Graze Company Inc. was born.

The farthest thing from your average charcuterie board, our Graze Boards, Boxes and Table options are lavish and opulent and are the highlight of any event, including cocktail parties, weddings, kids parties, birthdays, corporate functions, baby showers, engagement parties, you name it; we’ll make your party an Instagram-worthy showcase! When opulence is in order and only the best will do, The Graze Company can elevate your event to the next level.

Bon Appetit.,