To Show Your Appreciation

Looking for a thoughtful way to show your appreciation towards clients, staff, or corporate partnerships? Our Corporate Gift bundles are the perfect option for businesses, agencies, or clinics to say Thank You to those who matter most!

Our Corporate Gifting Plan

What We Offer

We provide pre-paid plans for The Original Graze Box! Simply choose the size of the Graze Box you want, prepay for 9, and receive your 10th box for free!

Our Process

You will receive a gift code that is redeemable at any time when a corporate gift is called for!

The boxes do not need to be redeemed all at once – they’re the perfect and most convenient option to suit your business needs!

How To Order

Ready to get started? Have any questions? Contact us via the form below, or give us a call at 604-725-GRZE (4793) to become a part of our Corporate Gifting plan!

"A True Taste of Luxury."

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